Hong Kong (Google Map Two)

“If I squeeze your leg it means we are going to accelerate so hold on.” Al said.

I nodded and climbed on the back of the motorcycle, I’ve driven and road bikes before but nothing with this kind of engine, nothing with what I think is called serious torque.

“And don’t tell your Mom.”

I smiled through the visor, and my cheeks squished together inside the helmet.

I couldn’t count the number of situations in the last three months I had gotten myself in that I would never tell my parents about. I was rebelling in a sense, and this secret could easily be added to the vault with just a little more sweetness because it was shared with Al and Sharon, old friends of my Mom and her family.

Sharon grew up with a backyard attached to my grandparents in Toronto Ontario. The suburb seemed like a world away beneath the skyscrapers and surf spots Al pointed out on our ride. Together they had moved to Hong Kong with their son Eric about a year before for Al’s work and as Sharon said a bit of adventure. My Aunt told me after she had visited they were open to visitors, so look them up I did.

It was so nice to see the city from a second point of view and inspiring to see people similar my parents, doing something a little unconventional. It made me feel like leaving university to experience the world, backpack through Asia, become a photographer, all the decisions that my parents weren’t ready for me to make might not be so far off base. And don’t tell my Mom but that bike ride around Hong Kong kinda made me want to buy my own motorcycle.

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