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Postcard from Belize

belize postcard map

20/100 Belize.

Dearest Taylor

I had to send you this postcard specifically because of the map on the front of it to add to your collection! I’m here at dive camp nearly at the end of my placement amongst the volunteers and I’ve really enjoyed my time here, the research and interviews have been going well but man, do I have other stories for you that are not fit for a postcard.

My Spanish has come back in full strength since I’ve been living with a family and the mother speaks no english! The diving itself has been lovely as well and I’ve been really lucky with mega fauna sightings (nurse sharks, rays and lobster!). I wish I had your mad photography skills to properly document my adventures.

PS/ one of the volunteers here went to high school with your sister – what a small world it is! Can’t wait to see you soon.

Love you mucho my dear!


Cross Canada

Topographical map of Canada19/100


I hung up the pay phone and waited in the empty bus station. It was 2012 but felt like twenty years before then, as I moved what felt like a snails pace for days across Canada. The greyhound chairs were the same old metal as I’m sure they were in the 70s, the blinds hung crooked above the windows, and the clock on the wall was dirty with years of dust. My Aunt Mary who hadn’t answered her house phone must have been on her way to pick me up driving the streets of Medicine Hat Alberta.

I was worried the bus station would be so busy we wouldn’t find each other in the crowd, but I forgot I was in small town Canada and I sat alone with my backpack and the attendant drinking cold coffee behind the desk.  Mary is my grandmother’s oldest sister and as she walked into the station, my worries about recognizing her evaporated. There was no question that we were family. Her smile was identical to my grandma’s, the one I’d known my whole life back in Ontario, and there on the other side of the country I felt closer than I had in months to home.